da garanAozañ

Da garan: does not exist. Bianchi-Bihan 27 Eos 2009 da 17:56 (UTC)

Yes, but nobody here can delete it. I created da garout a ran instead. Bianchi-Bihan 28 Eos 2009 da 02:49 (UTC)


Yes, please, do fix the namespace to wikeriadur. All project names are based on the same pattern : wikipedia, wikiarroud, wikimammenn, and so on. Wikeriadur is made on wik(i) + (g)eriadur (dictionnary), just as English made up wiktionary --Fulup 3 Du 2009 da 13:29 (UTC).

  • Hi, I really don't see why we should organize again some kind of voting on this matter. Wikeriadur has been proposed as early as 2004 [[Kaozeal:Wikeriadur:Degemer|Degemer]], and here you've got the main page in October 2005 Home. Wikeriadur is the only name that has been used for that project ever, at least since 2007 when the project really took off Wikeriadur. Here you can see the article Wikeriadur on this project as well. The Breton Wikipedia uses Wikeriadur since the very beginning. You can have a look here as well Query wikeriadur if you want. Everybody I know use the term wikeriadur. In fact the only user which has ever proposed an alternative name is user:Bianchi-Bihan. The fact is has been quite active on this wiki for a while now doesn't mean that the name of the project has to change. We discussed and confirmed the choice of Wikeriadur with Yun at the beginning of 2007 again after a counter proposition from Bianchi. Yun has be the one who launched the project really. He did a enormous job creating all the patterns and most of the articles until the middle of 2008 when he decided to give up because he couldn't cope anymore with Bianchi's attitude. Bianchi is a hard worker but has a big problem with rules. It cost him a lot to accept other point of views than his and so is always engaged in fights with others. He has been banned several times from wikipedia. The result of his attitude is that we are loosing users graduadelly. People just get fade up. On wikipedia, Bianchi has to restrain himself because he can't do without other users but on this project with very few active users he managed to get rid of everybody else. And that's really a pity. I'm trying to bring back Yun on board for the moment in order to reactive this project. --Fulup 4 Du 2009 da 09:50 (UTC)

Espaço nominal:ApêndiceAozañ


Pourrais-tu créer l'espace de noms : « Stagadenn » (Annexe, Apêndice) pour le Wikeriadur ? Pour l'instant ces pages sont considérées comme des articles. Merci, obrigado. --Ben Herzog 15 Gou 2011 da 13:59 (UTC)

Je ne peux pas le faire moi même, mas de l'ai demandé à Bugzilla (voir https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29924). Attendons quelques jours pour sa création. Les pages qui commencent par "Stagadenn:" seront probablement renombrées à un autre préfixe. Malafaya 16 Gou 2011 da 14:31 (UTC)
Très bien. Trugarez. Merci !--Ben Herzog 16 Gou 2011 da 16:04 (UTC)